Infinite Limb – Drones_v01: Lush Pools

Did you know there is a monthly live event called Ambient Sundays? Lately it has been happening at TKO and features an impressive list of local artists making improvised (and pre-arranged) compositions with atmospheric and drone intentions. More details on that are best shared in a dedicated post but it’s worth noting that these nights are organized by Kyle Numann; aka Infinite Limb (and also a member of Cloudmouth), whom just so happened to release a ambient drone album back in March of 2023 entitled Drones_v01: Lush Pools.

The record comes with a set of instructions that sums its intentions up quite nicely:

Contains four long-lasting, densely textured drone treatments with slow-acting effects.
Instructions: For use aiding in relaxation, concentration & meditation. Consume at sufficient volume to achieve desired strength.

If you’ve not allowed yourself to aurally bathe in a drone, this is a great place to start. It seeps into your brain and blocks out the rest of the world, allowing for concentration on a task or a means to block out the rest of the world, whatever your preference may be.

Numann tells me these tracks were specifically created “to be a functional treatment for whatever you need in the moment. Use them to meditate. Use them to concentrate. Use them as a tool to reflect, escape, or just distract yourself. Treat yourself as often as needed. Apply via headphones for maximum effect.” This is all excellent advice and, more importantly, effective advice.