Body Electric – “Plastic Arrows”

Sometimes you try to contain your excitement when you hear a new band, particularly when it’s just one song. Other times, you indulge in that feeling of wonder, enjoyment and Instant Heavy Rotation. The latter is certainly the case with Body Electric‘s inaugural single, “Plastic Arrows.” What’s to get excited about? Well, in a word: everything. The instrumentation, the production, the ethereal vibes, the twinges of influences you hear seeping through. Hit up their Instagram and you see they played with other acts you enjoy – Eve Maret, Crystal Egg, Country Death, Texas Welcome Center, Trevor Nikrant. et al. Look at their announcement video and feel delight at the simple charm of it. Go back to the song. Repeat. Check the credits on the song, note that Ross Collier was involved. Note that Body Electric is Andie Billheimer from Random Sample (among other things). Rewind the track. Repeat.

It can feel a bit like spiraling out but it’s an elated feeling. Don’t let anyone tell you music isn’t exciting or interesting anymore. Body Electric proves otherwise.

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