Negro Justice – HIM Bison (Official Video)

One of the hardest parts of promoting a release for any artist is how to keep awareness and interest going after the thing is released to the world. Leading up to a release, there’s preview singles, there’s teasers and all sorts of get hype tactics to draw folks in (pre-save links, I’m looking at you) but once it’s out there, interest often wanes. The Internet is a fickle beast! What’s an artist to do?

In the case of Negro Justice, he gathers up some friends, heads to his beloved stomping grounds and dons some cosplay garb in tribute to fictional megolomaniac M. Bison. The track, “HIM Bison,” is taken from the April 2023 full-length release Art of the Craft and has always been a standout. The primary sample, an undeniably admirable burn from Raul Julia in the 1994 movie Street Fighter, sets the stage for NJ’s verses depicting his own life of pleasure. It’s not groundbreaking for an emcee to boast and brag but Negro Justice brings a swagger and a conviction to it that is downright enviable.

There’s insights from Negro Justice that a sequel to Art of the Craft is in the works – another quality collaboration between himself and producer JustVibez. It’s a teaser of something to look forward to in the future but, for now, they’re here to remind you of the goodness of Volume I… and they may have just saved the best for last.

If you haven’t already, go listen to Art of the Craft, stat.