Cloudmouth – “Take Me To a Lake”

Cloudmouth has always been an interesting band. For evidence of this bold claim, watch their “Drunk on What” and “Nice Looking Mountain” videos – both different styles visually and aurally but nonetheless gripping. By my count, they have not received the recognition they deserve for their unique combination of styles, songwriting, delivery and presentation.

However, with “Take Me To a Lake,” it’s possible that may change. The first single from the band’s forthcoming new album has a decidedly new spirit to it. The underlying rock band is still there but something more grandiose, more space-y and more free flowing emerges about 90 seconds in. It sprawls out into the void before returning into an explosive rumination that loops right back into the sprawl. It’s a cyclical treat that ebbs and flows like waves on the shore.

Hopefully more to hear soon because this is an incredibly promising first listen from a band that was already worth knowing.