383: Music is Mysterious

There’s one track on this episode that was designated as Nashville, TN. Upon checking on it a week or so later, it was then designated as from Chengdu, China. Did the artist make the cross global trip? Was the original tag a joke? How did this music get made? Music is mysterious, we may never know the answer. What we do know is that 14 out of 15 tracks on this episode are definitely from the Nashville area. I’m a little biased but I’d also go as far as to say that 15 out of 15 tracks are a treat for your ears.

That’s Justice Rhiime on our cover.

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music, other music beds by Test Kitchen.

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We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town

New and notable releases from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Dee Souf - Feeling good feeling great
Dee Souf“Feeling good, feeling great ”
DTL JAMS - Slick Maybe prod by Hero Uno
DTL JAMS“Slick Maybe (prod by Hero Uno)”
Silence Monk - Dilla Stay
Silence Monk“Dilla Stay”
Big If True - Lake Murray
Big, If True“Lake Murray”
Justice Rhiime - Cant Put Me Down
Justice Rhiime“Cant Put Me Down”
Virghost - Last Living Poet
Virghost“Last Living Poet”
Ken Sable - If This Is Heaven
Ken Sable“If This Is Heaven”
Faux Ferocious - Rock Bottom
Faux Ferocious“Rock Bottom”
Mercy Hanson - Mi Amor
Mercy Hanson“Mi Amor”
SYMPL3 - The Best
SYMPL3“The Best”
TB8S - Bad Apples
TB8S“Bad Apples”
Torsion - Crime For Revenge
Torsion“Crime For Revenge”
Patrick Sansone - Phosphenes
Patrick Sansone“Phosphenes”