WOTT Music

Unearthing the best in unheard music from Nashville and surrounding areas.

142: Praise on the Internet

D. Watusi, Jonie, Future Crib, Patrick Damphier, Crave On, Stevie Kin, Gram Ash
Posted: Sat April 27, 2019

141: A Smattering of Surprises

A wildly eclectic grab bag from Model Tenant, Melanie, Joe Kenkel, Black Market, Arch Echo, PK Waves & GumboTron/
Posted: Sat April 20, 2019

140: Record Store Day 2019

RSD is a very special event in Nashville. Don't neglect this gem; get out there.
Posted: Sat April 13, 2019

139: The Chef’s Kiss

feat Hurts to Laugh, Bleary, Sad Baxter, Country Westerns, Zephaniah Bostow, Dream Chambers, Faux Ferocious
Posted: Sat April 6, 2019

138: The Inner Idiot

A grab bag of styles and flavors from Robin Taylor Zander, Kyle Hamlett Uno, German Error Message, Twen, Oral Sax and Oginalii
Posted: Sat March 30, 2019

137: Don’t Skip Ahead

This episode, we start off slow with a phenomenal new track from Cale Tyson and slowly turn up the energy through offerings by Teddy & The Rough Riders, Joe Pisapia, Halfnoise [...]
Posted: Sat March 23, 2019

136: The Wayback Machine, Pt 1

Gems from the deep iTunes Archive.
Posted: Sat March 16, 2019

135: Not Some Hippie-Dippie BS

A highly varietal mix of genres; showcasing Nashville in the best way.
Posted: Sat March 9, 2019

134: Pop Music and Emotive Self-Reflection

Kyle Hamlett Uno, R. Stevie Moore, Okey Dokey, Lawndry, HR Lexy and Mason Self
Posted: Sat March 2, 2019

133: Dark Vibes, Psychedelia and The Inexplicable

Lots of great new records featured from Adia Victoria, Blackcat Sylvester, Faux Ferocious and Z mixed in with some overlooked goods from Peppermint Boys, Peter, Time Clox and Obazi
Posted: Sat February 23, 2019

132: A Journeyman Song

New delights from Jim Oblon, Hari and Eyebrow Dog intermingle with overlooked gems from The Inscape, Superstarfamous1day and Bob Irwin.
Posted: Sat February 16, 2019

131: A Nice Jangle with Lance Conzett

Photojournalist extraordinaire Lance Conzett returns to the WOTT Studio to have six new songs played for him in exchange for his honest first impressions. He delivers.
Posted: Sat February 9, 2019