WOTT Music

Unearthing the best in unheard music from Nashville and surrounding areas.

357: Radio Radio VII

50 minutes of Nashville music that will impress and delight your ears.
Posted: Wed January 24, 2024

356: Radio Radio VI

Continuing the trend from last episode - these songs go hard but just in an entirely different way.
Posted: Tue January 23, 2024

355: Radio Radio V

Barreling through the Backlog: this one surfaces some harder music emerging from Nashville. Not entirely but mostly.
Posted: Mon January 22, 2024

354: Radio Radio IV

Join in as we continue to dive into the depths of the 2023 backlog. Even if you’re a Nashville Local Music Expert(tm), I bet there’s some surprises and treats in [...]
Posted: Fri January 19, 2024

353: Radio Radio III

This one is largely hip-hop and R&B focused.. not always, but largely.
Posted: Thu January 18, 2024

352: Radio Radio II

New Music.. relatively speaking. New to you, I hope.
Posted: Wed January 17, 2024

351: Radio Radio

We're back! Fingers crossed we STAY back!
Posted: Tue January 16, 2024

350: Dark Delights

The scariest local music halloween playlist you'll hear in 2023! Sit back and let these charming spells mystify your mind!
Posted: Thu October 26, 2023

349: Far Out Fest 666 Preview

FAR OUR FEST 666 PREVIEW EPISODE. Gardening, Not Architecture,Argus, Cassette Stress, Soltour, sugar sk*-*lls, Afrokokoroots, Jacuzzi Suite, Caroline Cronin, Bermudah, De3ra, [...]
Posted: Tue July 11, 2023

348: Continuing the Non-Stop Landslide

Tayls, Home Visions, Drew Taylor, VibeOut. & Petty, Shane Perry, The Weird Sisters, Great Grand Sun, Gray Worry, Marissa Nadler, Lou Turner, Spencer Cullum's Coin Collection, [...]
Posted: Wed April 26, 2023

347: The Goods, Delivered Regularly

BEDROOM, Annie DiRusso, Abby Johnson, Ava Swan, Blackpool Mecca, username, (G.A.M.N.T.) Jitsu Gaiden x T-Que the Hurricane, VibeOut. & SEJOHFROGI., VOLK, matt TV, Donny [...]
Posted: Tue April 25, 2023

346: Dive In, Head First

Stone Deep, Vera Bloom, Gloom Girl MFG, demiatrix, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Corduroy Clemens, b l o o p r, Jack Vinoy, Harper Mayo, Gardening, Not Architecture, bifff, [...]
Posted: Mon April 24, 2023