WOTT Music

Unearthing the best in unheard music from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Volume 100

When we relaunched the site with a new mission, it was obvious that the WOTT Music podcast would have to undergo some renovations. Historically, I’ve compiled 20-30 [...]
Posted: Wed January 31, 2018

Volume 99

Welcome to 2018! While an astronomer might be quick to point out that there is nothing astronomically significant about January 1st, it works quite well as a time to refresh [...]
Posted: Tue January 2, 2018

Volume 98

December is, historically, a time for reflecting on the year’s previous releases – a worthy practice if ever there was one. However, there’s still plenty of [...]
Posted: Thu December 14, 2017

Volume 97

It's a Thanksgiving miracle! The latest edition of the podcast tallies up some recent releases and continues to showcase the diverse talent our fair city has.
Posted: Tue November 21, 2017

Volume 96: Halloween

In celebration of the ghoulish season I asked local music photographer and journalist / man-of-good-taste / Halloween aficionado Lance Conzett to curate an episode of the [...]
Posted: Thu October 26, 2017

Volume 95

Serendipity led me to place Yon Ort and ONLY back to back – a track that claims “What you feel, isn’t real” followed by a track that claims “we [...]
Posted: Mon October 16, 2017

Volume 94

This edition of the podcast is a companion piece to Volume 93 that catalogs the full Glossary discography of albums, from Southern by the Grace of Location to Long Live All Of [...]
Posted: Tue October 3, 2017

Volume 93

In this episode of the podcast, we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Glossary. Special guests Bingham Barnes and Joey Kneiser sit down for a discussion about the formation [...]
Posted: Mon October 2, 2017

Volume 92

I contemplated doing an entire episode the podcast dedicated to the all-too-short catalog of music from Those Darlins. I may still undertake that task but having seen the huge [...]
Posted: Mon September 18, 2017

Volume 91

Another excellent compilation of Nashville music. The variety of upbeat pop, soundtrack music, hip-hop and even an R&B soaked demo is a tough varietal grab bag to top.
Posted: Tue September 5, 2017

Volume 90

The amount of new music flowing forth from Nashville is so abundant that we're following up the previous podcast with a new installment just a week later.
Posted: Fri August 11, 2017

Volume 89

After compiling this edition of the podcast I immediately starting putting together the *next* volume; quickly tearing through all of the great music that has come out recently.
Posted: Tue August 1, 2017