206: Squishy Electronics and Pure Audacity, Pt 2

We’re still working through the backlog of tracks that have caught our ear over the past few weeks but we did our best to pepper in some brand new work as well. All told, it’s another enjoyable dose of great local music spanning a variety of genres.

Find more from Eve Maret, Notelle, Richard String, Da Real A1yo, Flummox, Kent Osborne, Gee Slab, Abby Johnson, Hikko Mori and Justin Shawn Hobbs with the cover art below or on their social media. We suggest clicking through on both for maximum enjoyment.

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Eve Maret


Richard String
“Girls Just Wants To Have Fun, Part 2”

Da Real A1Yo
“No Days Off”

“Trans Girls Need Guns”

Kent Osborne
“Belly of the Beast”

Gee Slab
“Airplane Mode”

Abby Johnson
“Under the Weather”

Hikko Mori
“Two and Four” / “Cold Grits”

Justin Shawn Hobbs
“Live in Front of a Studio Audience”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Flummox by McQ Photography.

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