A trip through the cosmos with DIY inspired venue DRKMTTR and host Kathryn Edwards (founder, promoter and co-owner) featuring upcoming bands, artist interviews and chats about issues facing the community.

Kathryn Edwards

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Impromptu Globe Trot

Kathryn takes us on an impromptu international dig through her Bandcamp faves and obsessions.
Posted: Fri October 23, 2020
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Story Slam and Trash Plants with Bliss Cortez

Interview with Bliss Cortez of The Moth and mutual aid project, Bliss and the Trash Plants. And plenty of new music.
Posted: Fri September 25, 2020

Something in the Water

Cloud Rat, LiƩ, Asesinato, Left Cross, Bib, Body Pressure, Creeping Death, Pink Thing, Thou, Muscipula, Bigg Band,hh Regional Justice Center, Bled to Submission, Show Me the [...]
Posted: Fri September 11, 2020

Celebrating 5 Years of DRKMTTR

Gnarwhal, Pinkwash, Bugg, JoyBoy, Pleasure Leftists, Great Deceivers, Gauche, Sallow, Multicult, Shadraq, Negative Scanner, Only, Yautja, Gouge Away
Posted: Fri August 28, 2020

Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo; Platinum Chiller

Pierce Jordan of Philly band Soul Glo joins for an interview. Music by Soul Glo, RMFC, Big Brave, Urn, Pile, Control Top, Special Interest, Gulch, Big Laugh
Posted: Fri August 14, 2020

This Is DRKMTTR Radio

The inaugural trip into the cosmos. Kathryn Edwards talks with Olivia Scibelli and plays selections from Truth Cut, Corridor, Suburban Living, Weeping Icon, No Man, NOTS and [...]
Posted: Wed July 22, 2020

Introducing DRKMTTR Radio

Coming Soon: A trip through the cosmos with DIY inspired venue DRKMTTR and host Kathryn Edwards.
Posted: Mon March 16, 2020
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