209: A Slow Burner

This week on the show we’ve got ourselves a bit of a slow burner. Many of these tracks start off a bit subdued and grow over time, so you’re going to want to exercise a little patience in your listening.Your could smack that +30 skip ahead button but I don’t recommend it. Sometimes the only way to get the full impact of a song’s emergence requires that you take the whole journey.

Be sure to follow Bantug, Moto Bandit, Quez Cantrell, Yours Truly, Jai, Wildfront, Vibeout., Okey Dokey, hellvalleyskytrees and The Prudish Few as their contributions made this episode possible.

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“Don’t Know What’s Real”

Moto Bandit

Quez Cantrell
“The Black Today”

Yours Truly, Jai


“Cocoa Butter”

Okey Dokey
“The Right Fit”


The Prudish Few
“Kinder Climes”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Quez Cantrell.

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