We Own This Town partners with TNDP for new podcast

We Own This Town is proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) to bring you a brand new podcast entitled If You Don’t Know, Now You Know. Each episode will feature lawmakers, activists, and candidates talking about the issues that shape our lives in TN.

The show is hosted by Mary Mancini, Chair of the TNDP and a pillar of the Nashville community; having previously hosted the liberal radio show Liberadio and operating the DIY Record Shop Lucy’s in the late 90s. To learn more about Mancini, we suggest tuning in to her episode of My Fantasy Funeral in which she talks at length about her history with our city. Also, follow her on Twitter.

The first installment of the show is out now and features Senator Katrina Robinson, TN AFL-CIO Alyssa Hanson political and communications director, and TN AFL-CIO Secretary/Treasurer AJ Starling to speak on the recent proposal to introduce Right To Work laws into the TN Constitution. Despite the misleading name, `Right to Work` has serious negative impact on Unions across the State and should not become a part of the State Constitution.

Politics are hard, full stop. There are many confusing processes that bills must process through and, often, large amounts of historical baggage that come with them further complicating their impact on residents of the State. If You Don’t Know, Now You Know aims to simplify those topics and make them more easily understandable to those of us that they will directly impact.

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