If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

A Tennessee Democratic Party & We Own This Town partnership podcast; Recorded live from the Tennessee state capitol in Nashville, host and TNDP chair Mary Mancini speaks with lawmakers, activists, and candidates, people who can tell you – and show you – how the laws are made that affect our lives. There’s no shortage of issues to be covered – about freedom, opportunity, equity, justice, and safety – and we’ll hustle to keep you in the loop.

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Now You Know Voter Protections

We talk with a number of democratic party leaders across the state about incidents of voter intimidation and about Voter Protections.
Posted: Mon November 2, 2020
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Cocktails & Questions with Candidates: Bob Freeman (TN State House District 56)

We chat with TN Representative Bob Freeman, about his lifelong history in TN, his vision for how environmental concerns can fuel the economy and how he reaches across the [...]
Posted: Thu October 15, 2020

Cocktails & Questions with Candidates: Gabby Salinas (District 97)

This episode we're joined by Gabby Salinas, Democratic candidate for TN District 97.
Posted: Thu October 8, 2020

Cocktails & Questions with Candidates: Marquita Bradshaw (U.S. Senate)

This episode we're joined by Marquita Bradshaw, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. We chat with Marquita about her history with activism, why she decided to run and her [...]
Posted: Mon September 21, 2020

Cocktails & Questions with Candidates: Kelly Rowland (District 16)

Elizabeth Rowland, candidate for Tennessee House District 16, joins us to discuss why she decided to run, the priorities of her campaign, and take some questions from viewers.
Posted: Thu July 16, 2020

Now You Know Permit-Less Gun Carry

Safe Tennessee Project Executive Director, Beth Joslin Roth, talks with Mary Mancini on firearms and how evidence based programs can help combat TN's gun violence problems.
Posted: Fri March 13, 2020

Now You Know The Road To the Convention

Mary walks through the TN Democratic Primary Process with Maria Brewer, TNDP Director of Party Affairs, to unfurl the primary process.
Posted: Fri February 21, 2020

Now You Know Women’s Reproductive Rights

TNDP Chair Mary Mancini talks with Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood Executive Director Francie Hunt all about TN and Women's Reproductive Rights.
Posted: Fri February 14, 2020

Now You Know Tennessee Educators Association

Mary Mancini sits down with TEA President Beth Brown.
Posted: Fri January 31, 2020

Now You Know Right To Work

Host and TNDP Chair Mary Mancini sits down with guests to discuss the recent proposal to introduce Right To Work laws into the TN Constitution.
Posted: Sat January 25, 2020
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