Introducing Liquid Gold

We had every intention of winding down the site for the remainder of 2018 but when the opportunity arose to work with Mike Wolf (from the forthcoming Chopper TIKI bar) and Kenneth Dedmond (renowned bartender at Husk) on a new podcast all about beverages, we couldn’t let it slip.

Liquid Gold has now officially launched and makes good on the promise of an in-depth beverage talk. Our hosts share a delicious Egg Nog recipe, insights on how to make a proper Whiskey Cream and then speak at length with Jared Welch of Southern Grist Brewing all about the art of brewing and how to fuse surprising flavors together.

Expect plenty more from Mike and Kenneth over the coming year as their experience and expertise will lend itself to a deep well of knowledge around cocktails, wine, bubbles, coffee and all things in between. You can subscribe to the show and follow along on Instagram.