2018 Year in Review

As 2018 winds down, it seemed apt to take a moment to send a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has visited the site, listened to a podcast, read a review or even liked a post from us.

We kicked off 2018 as a re-invention of sorts. Instead of operating solely as a website for music reviews from the local scene, we launched a podcast network with the goal of providing a destination for entertaining (and, possibly, educational) shows that were hosted by Nashville residents. The subject matter embraces a wide range of topics but the common thread of local hosts keeps it relatable. In honor of that goal, we launched a number of new shows throughout the year:

Hott Minute


WOTT Music

fan/fiction w/ andrew/zach

WOTT Music


San Dimas Today

Friday Night Noods

If you haven’t listened to any of the above shows yet, please take some time to do so. The range of topics is far reaching and there’s undoubtedly something that will appeal to you. If you’re subscribed to one, or many, of the above – Thank You. Having an audience of any kind is a supremely humbling and flattering experience. We are indebted.

Before we depart for the remainder of the year, let’s take a quick look at some of the numbers from previous trip around the sun and see how we did:


Music Review


Podcast Episodes


Hours of Podcasts

Not too bad for our first time doing this.

We don’t mention it often enough but when we say We Own This Town, that’s meant to imply everyone. There may be curators for the site or hosts of the podcasts but the mission is to improve our city, which can only happen when more voices are heard. When we say We, we mean You as well.

2019 promises to be a year of even more reviews, even more podcasts and even more involvement with the community. We hope to find more opportunities to get off the Internet and connect with you directly. Please reach out to us at @weownthistown on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you have ideas, want to be involved or just want to say hello. We love to hear from you.

Thank you.