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Hosts Mike Wolf and Kenneth Dedmon discuss all things beverage. Beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and everything in between is par for the course. Look for plenty of interviews with local brewers, bartenders, baristas and more.

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Books and Booze: MFK Fisher’s “A Cordiall Water”

Mike shares the wit, wisdom and recipes of author M.F.K. Fisher from "A Cordiall Water."
Posted: Fri August 5, 2022
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Shots! Caipirinha with Kaytie Keck

Kaytie Keck of Audrey and Pearl Diver joins for an in-depth discussion on the national Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha.
Posted: Fri July 15, 2022

Träkál and the Mysteries of Patagonia with Sebastian Gomez

Hosts Mike and Kenneth bring in a very special guest all the way from Patagonia for a discussion about all things Trakal.
Posted: Fri June 24, 2022

Shots! Hotel Nacional

The "Summer of Shots 2022" kicks off as host Mike Wolf goes it alone with a solo pod all about the Hotel Nacional, both the cocktail and the famous hotel perched above the [...]
Posted: Fri June 10, 2022

Ready To Drink: Canned Cocktails with Ali Besten of Cathead

Ali Best of Cathead joins for a chat about Ready To Drink beverages and our hosts are very impressed with the results!
Posted: Fri May 6, 2022

War and Vodka Part 2: Compassion of Warsaw

Liquid Gold checks in with new War Correspondent Matt Campbell, an American living and working in Warsaw, Poland.
Posted: Fri April 8, 2022

Shots! Margarita

The Liquid Gold crew finally tackles one of the most important and delicious drinks in the canon: the Margarita!
Posted: Fri March 25, 2022

War and Vodka

Checking in on the state of affairs due to the current crisis in Ukraine and a Booze News centric episode.
Posted: Fri March 11, 2022

5 Wines to Pair With Heartbreak with Jodi Bronchtein of Audrey

Sommelier Jodi Bronchtein of Audrey brings five wines for heartbreak along with music and food pairings to bear.
Posted: Fri February 11, 2022

Dry Ginuary and the Future of Drinking with Erin Barnett of Spirit Animal Co-Op

Guest Erin Barnett of Spirit Animal Co-Op joins for a *spirited* discussion around sidestepping dry January by embracing Dry Ginuary.
Posted: Fri January 28, 2022

Holiday Music and Booze News Spectacular

Playlist professional DJ Patrick Goodspeed joins for a chat about crafting a special holiday playlist before Kenneth deep dives into a bevy of new Booze News.
Posted: Tue December 21, 2021

The Intersection of Bitter and Sweet with Paul Vaughn of Bearded Iris Brewing

Paul Vaughn, co-founder of Bearded Iris Brewing joins in for a chat about why pitchers are so important, black lagers and the beginnings of Coca-Cola, among other things.
Posted: Fri December 3, 2021
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