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Hosts Mike Wolf and Kenneth Dedmon discuss all things beverage. Beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and everything in between is par for the course. Look for plenty of interviews with local brewers, bartenders, baristas and more.

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Lisa Donovan: Our Lady of Perpetual Prose

For their first in-studio interview since February 2020, Mike and Kenneth are joined by award-winning writer, pastry chef, and buttermilk advocate Lisa Donovan.
Posted: Mon October 18, 2021
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From Trauma to Transcendence with Alice Randall

Season 4 commences with Nashville legend Alice Randall, author of the book 'Black Bottom Saints,' among others.
Posted: Fri September 24, 2021

Negroni Redux!

To celebrate Negroni Week, Jonathan Howard from the Continental joins Mike to talk about the Negroni Experience. Then, we rebroadcast the 50th episode of Liquid Gold... all [...]
Posted: Wed September 15, 2021

Shots! The Honey Deuce and The Paloma

Mike Wolf and Jessica Backhus celebrate the Honey Deuce's 15th anniversary and discuss the cocktail's origins as the official drink of the U.S. Open, which is currently underway.
Posted: Fri September 3, 2021

Shots! Lemonade

The wild and century long history of Lemonade.
Posted: Fri August 20, 2021

Shots! Boat Drinks and Daiquiri’s with Jessica Backhus

Jessica Backhus joins for a chat about all sorts of Boat Drinks; the Hemingway, Hotel Nacional and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club included.
Posted: Fri August 6, 2021

Shots! Mojitos with Travis Archer

Mike is joined by Travis Archer, formerly the Mojito master behind "Mojito Mondays" at Dino's.
Posted: Fri July 23, 2021

Shots! Whiskey Smash

The Summer of Shots continues as Mike and Kenneth discuss the Smash aka the Whiskey Smash aka a delightful and versatile, seasonal, cocktail.
Posted: Fri July 16, 2021

Shots! The Daisy and Billy Ocean with Jeremiah Blake

Nashville bartending legend Jeremiah Blake talks on the earliest and most important templates of the cocktail, the Daisy, precursor to none other than the Margarita.
Posted: Fri June 11, 2021

Getting Real About Rum with Adrienne Stoner of Plantation Rums

Mike talks with Adrienne Stoner, rum expert, historian and cane education advocate.
Posted: Fri May 28, 2021

Shots! Mai Tai with Adrienne Stoner

Mike goes on a deep dive into tropical waters with Adrienne Stoner.
Posted: Fri May 14, 2021

The New Frontiers of Wine with Darcy O’Neil

Mike checks in with Liquid Gold hero Darcy O'Neil and they discuss Darcy's new progressive grape-growing, wine-making venture.
Posted: Fri April 23, 2021
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