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Hosts Mike Wolf and Kenneth Dedmon discuss all things beverage. Beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and everything in between is par for the course. Look for plenty of interviews with local brewers, bartenders, baristas and more.

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Monks of Spring: Trappist Ales with Buddy Buttram

Discussing Trappist Ales: Chimay, Orval and Westmalle with Buddy Buttram, previously of Kuchnia and Keller.
Posted: Fri April 9, 2021
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Monks of March: Chartreuse

Liquid Gold finally dives into the wonderful world of Chartreuse.
Posted: Fri March 26, 2021

Shots! Guinness and the Perfect Pour with Brandon Bramhall

Brandon Bramhall of Attaboy and Lakeside Lounge joins for a chat about the perfect pour and plays a few rounds of Cocktail Jazz.
Posted: Tue March 16, 2021

Shots! Benedictine Shots returns!

Mike and Kenneth kick off "Monks of March," where they'll dive into spirits, liqueurs, wines and beers made by Monks all this month.
Posted: Thu March 4, 2021

To Ghana and Back with Derrick Diggs

Derrick Diggs, bar manager at Willie B's, shares his fascinating story from Nashville to Memphis to Ghana and back.
Posted: Thu February 25, 2021

Chocolate and Chinato with Scott Witherow of Olive and Sinclair

Discussing Chocolate and the magical elixir known as Chinato with Scott Witherow of Olive and Sinclair.
Posted: Fri February 12, 2021

Egg Cream and the Ramos Gin Fizz

The content remains highly carbonated! Egg Creams, the NOLA Ramos Gin Fizz and more are discussed.
Posted: Fri February 5, 2021

Soda Fountain Lore and Techniques with Darcy O’Neil

Mike sits down with soda fountain historian Darcy O'Neil.
Posted: Fri January 22, 2021

Brunch and Laughs with Brad Sativa

Comedian, Actor and Writer Brad Sativa joins for an episode about new projects and his love for whiskey.
Posted: Thu January 14, 2021

Sparkling Wines That Aren’t Champagne

For their annual New Year's Eve episode, Mike, Kenneth and Jess all pick a favorite lesser-known sparkling wine and talk about why they love it.
Posted: Wed December 30, 2020

Coquito and Holiday Traditions of Puerto Rico

For the annual holiday episode, Mike, Kenneth and Jess dive in to the coconut cousin to egg nog: Puerto Rico's Coquito.
Posted: Wed December 23, 2020

Drinking Chocolate

Debating the origins of the flip cocktail, giving recipes for the Grasshopper and many more Chocolate insights.
Posted: Fri December 18, 2020
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