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Hosts Mike Wolf and Kenneth Dedmon discuss all things beverage. Beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and everything in between is par for the course. Look for plenty of interviews with local brewers, bartenders, baristas and more.

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Shots! Negroni

A very special episode 50 covering one of our hosts favorite drinks, the Negroni. They discuss the drinks history, the rise of apertivo culture in America and a few secret [...]
Posted: Fri September 18, 2020
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Sotol and the Wild Deserts of Mexico with Adam Morgan

Husk Nashville head bartender Adam Morgan joins for a talk about Sotol, a wild desert spirit from Central Mexico that is currently seeing a lot of interest in cocktail and [...]
Posted: Fri September 4, 2020

Lost Spring and the Wild Agave

Mike dives into the varied world of Mezcal, Bacanora, and Raicilla before we hear from a variety of guests, including Jessica Backhus, Patrick Goodspeed and Gabe Fuenmayor.
Posted: Fri August 28, 2020

Agave’s Flavor Friends

Hosts Mike and Kenneth talk about a few of their favorite ingredients to mix with tequila, some of which may be growing in your yard.
Posted: Fri August 21, 2020

Shots! Sangrita

Summer of Shots continues with a look at Sangrita, a nearly 100-year old non-alcoholic shot.
Posted: Fri August 14, 2020

Tequila Sunrise

Discussing the rock n' roll history behind the Tequila Sunrise. Includes a surprise Kurt Russel story and the madness of downtown Nashville.
Posted: Fri August 7, 2020

Shots! Double Shot Edition: The Gin Rickey & Kamikaze

A run down on the origins of the class of drinks known as "Rickeys," followed by an incredible story of the jazz club in New Jersey where the Kamikaze was born.
Posted: Thu July 23, 2020

Whiskey in July with Standard Proof’s Robert Longhurst

Mike sits down with old friend and Creative Director of Standard Proof Whiskey, Robert Longhurst to talk about his signature Red Eye Rye Coffee Whiskey.
Posted: Thu July 16, 2020

Pilsner Round Up, Compost Tea, Black Owned Businesses

Thirst-quenching pilsners, black owned businesses, compost tea from Gardentined and Booze News!
Posted: Thu July 2, 2020

Shots! Sex on the Beach

Summer of Shots! The history of Sex on the Beach, Nashville's controversial downtown bars and a touch of Gardentined.
Posted: Thu June 18, 2020

Gardentined: Compost, Moonshine Corn & Kelly Gable of Josephine

Mike goes over the importance of composting, corn varieties for making moonshine and sits down for an interview with Kelly Gable, bar manager of Josephine.
Posted: Thu May 28, 2020

Gardentined: Companion Planting and the Three Sisters

Host Mike Wolf discusses companion planting in the garden, the origins of the "Three Sisters" philosophy and the tangled history of Rhubarb.
Posted: Fri May 15, 2020
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