Super Bowl Dips, Dumpling Soda and Valentine’s Day Chiantis

For a rapid-fire topic extravaganza, hosts Mike and Kenneth provide some recipes for your Super Bowl party spread, including a fire recipe for Alabama White Sauce, also known as white gold. They also discuss Jack White’s guacamole hack, a few Rotel dip recipes, and the best Super Bowl day beers made locally. To begin the Valentine’s Day content this year, Mike gives a recipe for how to make your own non-alcoholic red wine, using 100 percent cranberry juice, and discusses other drinks to make with the tannic, intense red liquid, and how to incorporate florality into your V-day drinks. Then they go over the wide world of cheap Chianti, the perfect red to go with an Italian Valentines Day feast. There’s also plenty of marinara sauce hacks and a discussion on the magic of pasta water. Finally, Booze News finds Kenneth covering a wide range of stories including dumpling soda that’s only to be opened outside, Crypto’s disappearance from Super Bowl ads this year, Vincent Gallo’s strange dating website, and why spirits have finally toppled beer in market share. A Hall of Fame episode.

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