Liquid Gold

Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Coffee and all things in between.

Moroccan Mint Tea, Cathead Distillery and Mississippi Juke Joints with Ali Besten

Mike and Kenneth talk Moroccan Mint Tea, Honeysuckle and Chicory, and Mississippi Juke Joints with their guest Ali Besten from Cathead Distillery.
Posted: Thu January 17, 2019

Bubbles, Sparkling Wine and Tepache with Alex Burch

Mike and Kenneth talk bubbles, sparkling wine and a special recipe for Tepache while they interview Bastion beverage director Alex Burch.
Posted: Mon December 31, 2018

Introducing Liquid Gold (with Jared Welch of Southern Grist)

Hosts Mike Wolf and Kenneth Dedmond talk at length with Jared Welch of Southern Grist. Bonus; an Egg Nog and Whiskey Cream recipe, right in time for the holiday.
Posted: Mon December 24, 2018

Liquid Gold is Coming Soon

Coming Soon! Hosts Mike Wolf and Kenneth Dedmond explore all things beverage; beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and beyond. Additionally, expect interviews with all variety of [...]
Posted: Thu December 20, 2018