Slow Drinks with Danny Childs

As an early Spring rears its head in Tennessee and around the country, hosts Mike and Kenneth check in with forager, gardener, bartender and writer Danny Childs, a proponent of “Slow Drinks” in his home in New Jersey. Danny is putting the finishing touches on his first book and talks about what makes a slow drink, and how history plays into his approach to botanical beverages. They discuss Dandelion Mead, real Sassafras Root Beer, Ginger bugs and the natural way to make sodas, using ramps in cocktails, and the many unique evergreens Danny utilizes in the Northeast. Booze News sees Kenneth covering NA Marijuana Beer, Bill Gates buying into Heineken, Juvenile debuting some “Juvee Juice,” King Charles’ pairing of scotch cocktails and cheese eggs, and the black fungus permeating the area around Jack Daniels in Southern Tennessee.

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