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Shots! Winter Beers and Barley Wine with Matt Leff of Rhizome Productions

Rhizome Productions founder Matt Leff talks about the upcoming Winter Warmer, barrel-aged beers and loads more.
Posted: Fri December 2, 2022

Thanksgiving Spectacular with Chef Katie Coss

Chef Katie Coss - from the Hulu show "Chefs vs. Wild" - shares many of her Thanksgiving cooking secrets.
Posted: Tue November 22, 2022

Clash of the Titans: Old Fashioned vs. Manhattan with Adam Morgan of Husk

Adam Morgan of Husk joins to talk about two titans of the cocktail world: the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.
Posted: Fri November 11, 2022

Fire Cider, Negroni Sbagliato Madness, and Pumpkin Zombies

Get your spooky weekend recipes on with the Orchard Punch, Zombie Punch and Pumpkin Zombie!
Posted: Fri October 28, 2022

The Sazerac, Zombies and Getting Wicked with Abby Walters

Abby Walters from Standard Proof Whiskey joins for a chat about the Sazerac, Furever Friends and the upcoming Wicked Market. Loads of Booze News and recipes.
Posted: Fri October 14, 2022

Fall Flavors Roundup and “Cheer” Preview

Host Mike Wolf dives into many of the autumnal gems from the new book, "Cheer: A Liquid Gold Holiday Drinking Guide."
Posted: Fri September 30, 2022

Swampwater and The Florida Files with Byron Stithem from Proper Sake

Saké master Byron Stithem of Proper Saké joins for a chat about the mysterious Swampwater cocktail and an in-depth take on The Florida Files.
Posted: Fri September 16, 2022

Shots! The Old Cuban and Southside

Happy weekend imbibing from Liquid Gold! Here's two quick recipes for your Labor Day festivities.
Posted: Fri September 2, 2022

Episode 100! With Teresa Mason of Mas Tacos and Wilburn Street Tavern

Celebratory 100th episode with one of our absolute favorites; Teresa Mason of Mas Tacos and Wilburn Street Tavern.
Posted: Fri August 19, 2022

Books and Booze: MFK Fisher’s “A Cordiall Water”

Mike shares the wit, wisdom and recipes of author M.F.K. Fisher from "A Cordiall Water."
Posted: Fri August 5, 2022

Shots! Caipirinha with Kaytie Keck

Kaytie Keck of Audrey and Pearl Diver joins for an in-depth discussion on the national Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha.
Posted: Fri July 15, 2022

Träkál and the Mysteries of Patagonia with Sebastian Gomez

Hosts Mike and Kenneth bring in a very special guest all the way from Patagonia for a discussion about all things Trakal.
Posted: Fri June 24, 2022