Tom and Jerry and Coquito Redux with Shamil Velasquez and Jessica Backhus

Today on Liquid Gold we dive into the rich history of the warming Christmas beverage known as the “Tom and Jerry,” quite possibly the first cocktail ever created in the 1820s. Host Mike Wolf goes over the recipe from the new book “Cheer,” and also gives an authentic Wisconsin recipe from an amazing bar called “Bryant’s,” known for their special Tom and Jerry room where they serve the beverage every December.

Mike also previews the events in Charleston this weekend – at Edmunds Oast Exchange from 3-5pm on Saturday December 17, and a Liquid Gold pop-up at Minero on John’s Island later that evening from 6-8pm, where he’ll be featuring the Tequila Hurricane from the new book.

Then we dive back into the archives to feature our talk with Puerto Rican chef Shamil Velasquez on the holiday traditions of Puerto Rico and the secret of his family’s Coquito recipe. Bonus: cocktail correspondent Jessica Backhus reads her excerpt all about how to budget for your holiday party this year.

Mike Wolf’s new book Cheer: A Liquid Gold Holiday Drinking Guide is available now! Pick up a copy ASAP!

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