Episode 100! With Teresa Mason of Mas Tacos and Wilburn Street Tavern

For a very special hundredth episode, hosts Mike and Kenneth are joined by their old friend, colleague and drinking buddy, Teresa Mason of Mas Tacos Por Favor and Wilburn Street Tavern. Among the many liquid golds covered: the magic and simplicity of tortilla soup, aqua frescas and methods for making your own, the secret to great elote, and the incredible terroir of mezcal and wild agaves. Also discussed: blessings of Saint Guy Fieri, how drinking is just education, and x rated shots at Wilburn Street. For Booze News, Kenneth globe-trots with the crew and talks about emu’s assaulting drunk drivers, beer insoles for athletic shoes, Chinese dragons fighting UFO’s and a tribute to the kindness of our local pit masters. Thanks for supporting Liquid Gold!

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