Liquid Gold

Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Coffee and all things in between.

Brunch and Laughs with Brad Sativa

Comedian, Actor and Writer Brad Sativa joins for an episode about new projects and his love for whiskey.
Posted: Thu January 14, 2021

Sparkling Wines That Aren’t Champagne

For their annual New Year's Eve episode, Mike, Kenneth and Jess all pick a favorite lesser-known sparkling wine and talk about why they love it.
Posted: Wed December 30, 2020

Coquito and Holiday Traditions of Puerto Rico

For the annual holiday episode, Mike, Kenneth and Jess dive in to the coconut cousin to egg nog: Puerto Rico's Coquito.
Posted: Wed December 23, 2020

Drinking Chocolate

Debating the origins of the flip cocktail, giving recipes for the Grasshopper and many more Chocolate insights.
Posted: Fri December 18, 2020

The Gibson and Mysteries of Fernet

Mike and Kenneth deep dive on all things Fernet, the bitter Italian subcategory of elixirs.
Posted: Fri December 11, 2020

Thanksgiving Pairing Party!

Mike is joined by Jessica Backhus for a rundown of Thanksgiving recipes and pairing suggestions for your, potentially, unique holiday.
Posted: Tue November 24, 2020

Shots! Espresso Martini and Bonus Booze Newsâ„¢

Jessica Backhus of Delaney Oyster House joins for a conversation about the history of, and the right way to make, an Espresso Martini.
Posted: Fri November 20, 2020

Coffee talk with Nathanael Mehrens of Stay Golden

Nathanael Mehrens, co-founder of Stay Golden Coffee and Matchless Coffee Soda, joins for a bit of Coffee Talk.
Posted: Fri November 6, 2020

Election Day Drinking Game

Curb your Election Day anxiety with a quick break from Liquid Gold.
Posted: Tue November 3, 2020

Cold Brew and The Renaissance with Chris Crofton

To kickoff Season 3, Mike gets jacked on cold brew with none other than Nashville renaissance man Chris Crofton. They discuss his breakthrough 2018 album, the gift of sobriety [...]
Posted: Fri October 30, 2020

Cider Season Finale Pt. 2: C. Haston Cider & Jessica Backhus

A Cider Season Finale with Jessica Backhus of Delaney Oyster House, Chris Haston of C. Haston Ciders and an epic Booze News.
Posted: Fri October 16, 2020

Cider Season Finale Pt. 1: Orchard Legend Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Ciders

Liquid Gold speaks with cider and orchard legend Diane Flynt, from Virginia’s famed Foggy Ridge Ciders.
Posted: Fri October 9, 2020