Ready To Drink: Canned Cocktails with Ali Besten of Cathead

Gearing up for summer, hosts Mike and Kenneth invite one of their favorite folks in beverage, Ali Besten, to come discuss the five year phenomenon of canned cocktails and ready to drink (RTD) beverages. Ali is gearing up for the launch of Cathead’s new sparkling drinks line, and the hosts are very impressed with the results. Before tasting through the new line, the panel discusses the meteoric rise of White Claw, what it’s exactly made of, hard kombuchas and organic alternatives, and who makes the best gas station Mojito. Topo Chico’s line of canned beverages disappoint the hosts, before the panel breaks out into an impromptu fast-food beverage discussion. Which fast food company has the best beverage program? Kenneth takes a break from Booze News but can’t resist sharing a new “Florida Files,” story about cocaine blowing in the wind in Florida. Bonus content: wait, Tequila mixes well with RTD cans? We’re shocked…

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