Shots! Caipirinha with Kaytie Keck

Liquid Gold heads back to South America to drink one of the ultimate summer crushers of the cocktail canon: the Caipirinha! One of the great three-ingredient cocktails, this drink has a rich history and is made on beaches throughout Brazil. Host Mike Wolf offers some history on the drink’s medicinal origins (garlic and honey?!), offers recipes, and why the sugar is so important to executing the drink. Then he’s joined by colleague and bartender extraordinaire Kaytie Keck of Audrey and Pearl Diver here in Nashville. Kaytie shares anecdotes from her time living in Brazil, which food goes best with a Caipirinha, variations that are popular in Brazil, and how she got her jewelry business off the ground during the pandemic. Bonus content: Brazilian music suggestions for your summer playlist!

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