Holiday Music and Booze News Spectacular

Hosts Mike and Kenneth are joined by playlist professional and DJ Patrick Goodspeed aka Patrick Wayne the Selector for a boozy holiday music primer. Patrick gives plenty of music and playlist recommendations to make your holidays more enjoyable, and even shares a few of his favorite recipes for this time of year. Producer Michael Eades even joins the fray to discuss a holiday party playlist hack which involves playing old tapes of Kmart music.

Kenneth catches up on all the booze news happenings of the last few months, discussing (among other topics): flight attendants defending themselves against a slew of attacks on planes, athletes getting really into wine, tequila in New Zealand, espresso martini cheese, alligators opening beers with their teeth, and master sommeliers getting into a LOT of trouble.

Find the full Kmart Music Archive over here. Find a special Christmas playlist from Pat over on Spotify; The Unusual Christmas Music Episode.

Music by Upright T-Rex Music.
Logo by Jess Machen

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