Piña Colada and Rum Diaries of Puerto Rico

For the season premiere, host Mike Wolf checks in from Puerto Rico as he investigates the origins and flavors of one of the most popular drinks on the planet: the Piña Colada. Mike visits the Caribe Hotel in San Juan, ground zero for the development of the drink, and discusses the importance of Coco Lopez coconut cream, which became essential to the drink’s popularity and was created at a University in San Juan. “Books and Booze” returns as we dive into the incredible research by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry in his book “Potions of the Caribbean,” and Mike shares some of his favorite passages of Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Rum Diary,” providing plenty of context for the midcentury boom happening in San Juan at the time. Finally, an important connection is made between Pitorro, Puerto Rico’s “tears of the mountain” moonshine drink and the finest rum on the island, the incomparable Ron Barrelito. Recipes and stories abound.

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