Bill & Ted & Chuck

In San Dimas Today, our hosts Jason T. Meares, Esq* and Kelly Hoyle Bolick explore all the in’s and out’s of Bill & Ted – including Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey and all of the ephemera that came with it (TV Show spinoffs, graphic novels, trading cards, board games, etc). One aspect they dive into is the soundtracks to both films, a crucial element given how much Bill & Ted are meant to save the world through their music.

It was mentioned that the song “Break Away” from Big Pig that opens the original film is actually a cover of a 1973 Chuck Jackson song of the same name and that someone really should re-edit the opening credits of the film to use the original version.

So, we did exactly that. You can now enjoy the opening scene of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure paired with the Chuck Jackson original and contrast it with the actual film opening to determine which you prefer. I think the choice is clear.

* actual lawyer

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