Hott Minute

Two smart women discuss who is hot, and why. A podcast from Jamie Bradley & Ashley Spurgeon.

The ASMR Cash Cow Chewing Makeup Tutorial Challenge Dare Whispering SEO Unboxing Train

While Hott Minute gathers their thoughts and crushes for Season Two, they decide to pay tribute to ASMR by whispering some gentle thoughts to you, rifling around in their [...]
Posted: Mon July 9, 2018

Season One Funale

In the season one finale, POLY bestows the show with a Busby Berkeley worthy theme song to set the stage for diving deep on Hott Minute itself. Before that, Jamie speaks on [...]
Posted: Mon June 11, 2018

Maymorial Day

Our hosts, Ashley and Jamie, experience an intense bout of synchronicity. What do Sheryl Crow's "My Favorite Mistake", Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Steve Buscemi and The [...]
Posted: Mon May 28, 2018

Halloween in May

In this tenth episode blowout extravaganza, Tristen provides a wonderful new theme song while Ashley and Jamie invite their lawyer Brooks aboard Hott Minute to take a deep [...]
Posted: Mon May 14, 2018

9: 98% on Jamie Tomatoes

Hosts Ashley and Jamie answer a slew of mysterious questions throughout the episode; including Who's the hottest Skarsgard? What era of Robert Downey, Jr is best? and Who is [...]
Posted: Mon April 30, 2018

8: A Tankard of Koala Urine

Little Bandit proves his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the show with his country steeped theme while Ashley and Jamie recommit themselves to ensuring the facts are known if [...]
Posted: Mon April 16, 2018

7: The Biggest Mistake of Our Lives

An extended theme song from Dave Paulson sets the tone for a whirlwind episode. Ashley and Jamie provide an exhaustive apology regarding the egregious faux paus of Elizabeth [...]
Posted: Mon April 2, 2018

6: Don’t They Have Friends & Shit

Coco Hames supplies a confessional theme song this week for an early morning episode in which Ashley and Jamie diversify their crushes. Adoration is given to Trees (Deciduous [...]
Posted: Mon March 19, 2018

5: A Turnip in a Bag of Pantyhose

Nashville band Tower Defense christens the show with a brand new theme song and Ashley and Jamie hit the classic landmark with their fifth episode. Crushes include John [...]
Posted: Mon March 5, 2018

4: Giant Cats with Muscles

Jamie and Ashley settle the debate on hottest cartoon characters, as well as tackle Barack Obama, drag queen Milk and a rather tender bit of John Goodman discussion.
Posted: Mon February 19, 2018

Episode 3: Pobody’s Nerfect

Jamie opens up about a very specific photo of Martin Landau, Ashley goes to bat for Ray Romano, and the girls deep-dive discuss Dwight Yoakam and Lorde. Plus! Blake Shelton, [...]
Posted: Mon February 5, 2018

Episode 2: We Need To Talk About Tilda

This episode, hosts Jamie and Ashley explain their unapologetic disinterest in Friday Night Lights, recent flirtations with Tracee Ellis Ross, the entire cast of [...]
Posted: Mon January 22, 2018