Halloween in Halloween

After an educational theme song from Miss Shelby and Leeann, Hott Minute Attorney Brooks A. returns to prevent Ashley and Jamie from letting this special Halloween episode get too spooky. The trio plays a rousing round of Smash, Spook, or Slash and discusses the best of Halloween Hotties at length. Surprisingly, Rob Zombie earns high marks. Jamie shares the results of her Halloween Surveys based on your votes and shares multiple Wal-mart experiences.

Two bags of hotties are leveraged for discussion, resulting in a smattering of thoughts on Adam Scott, Tremors era Reba, Jonny Brugh, Pete Yorn and Brian McKnight.

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Theme song by Miss Shelby & Leeann
Remember, Safety First.

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Artwork by Elizabeth Williams
BG Music by Upright T-Rex Music

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