Not Your Choice, Jean-Luc with Larissa Maestro

Discussing the entirety of science fiction proved to be too much for one episode so Jamie, Ashley and Larissa stepped into a well timed wormhole to divide the conversation. This is Part Two of Sci-Fi Hotties with Larissa Maestro. Herein, the topic of TNG is finally tackled and cast members are pitted against one another. Is Worf preferred to his baby momma K’ehleyr? Is Data a better lover than Lore? Is Deanna Troi a role model for dark haired girls everywhere?

After TNG is put to rest, the Bag of Hotties yields a cornucopia of worthwhile topics including HAL 9000, Janelle Monae, MST3K’s Crow, Samantha Morton in Minority Report, Aeon Flux, Nibbler and the best version of Harrison Ford that ever was; Rick Deckard.

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Artwork by Elizabeth Williams
BG Music by Upright T-Rex Music

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