Hott Minute

Two smart women discuss who is hot, and why. A podcast from Jamie Bradley & Ashley Spurgeon.

Halloween in May

In this tenth episode blowout extravaganza, Tristen provides a wonderful new theme song while Ashley and Jamie invite their lawyer Brooks aboard Hott Minute to take a deep [...]
Posted: Mon May 14, 2018

9: 98% on Jamie Tomatoes

Hosts Ashley and Jamie answer a slew of mysterious questions throughout the episode; including Who's the hottest Skarsgard? What era of Robert Downey, Jr is best? and Who is [...]
Posted: Mon April 30, 2018

8: A Tankard of Koala Urine

Little Bandit proves his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the show with his country steeped theme while Ashley and Jamie recommit themselves to ensuring the facts are known if [...]
Posted: Mon April 16, 2018

7: The Biggest Mistake of Our Lives

An extended theme song from Dave Paulson sets the tone for a whirlwind episode. Ashley and Jamie provide an exhaustive apology regarding the egregious faux paus of Elizabeth [...]
Posted: Mon April 2, 2018

6: Don’t They Have Friends & Shit

Coco Hames supplies a confessional theme song this week for an early morning episode in which Ashley and Jamie diversify their crushes. Adoration is given to Trees (Deciduous [...]
Posted: Mon March 19, 2018

5: A Turnip in a Bag of Pantyhose

Nashville band Tower Defense christens the show with a brand new theme song and Ashley and Jamie hit the classic landmark with their fifth episode. Crushes include John [...]
Posted: Mon March 5, 2018

4: Giant Cats with Muscles

Jamie and Ashley settle the debate on hottest cartoon characters, as well as tackle Barack Obama, drag queen Milk and a rather tender bit of John Goodman discussion.
Posted: Mon February 19, 2018

Episode 3: Pobody’s Nerfect

Jamie opens up about a very specific photo of Martin Landau, Ashley goes to bat for Ray Romano, and the girls deep-dive discuss Dwight Yoakam and Lorde. Plus! Blake Shelton, [...]
Posted: Mon February 5, 2018

Episode 2: We Need To Talk About Tilda

This episode, hosts Jamie and Ashley explain their unapologetic disinterest in Friday Night Lights, recent flirtations with Tracee Ellis Ross, the entire cast of [...]
Posted: Mon January 22, 2018

Episode 1: We Are Your New Best Friends

Jamie and Ashley introduce the audience to their latest flash-in-the-pan crushes, dissect the hotness of today's most-relevant stars and pull names from a goddamn paper bag [...]
Posted: Wed January 10, 2018