Season One Funale

In the season one finale, POLY bestows the show with a Busby Berkeley worthy theme song to set the stage for diving deep on Hott Minute itself. Before that, Jamie speaks on the benefits of a well-fitting bra or bralette while Ashley stumps for the goodness of the PBS App.

Most importantly, the episode serves as a deep dive for two important discussions of hotness. Jamie pays homage to the talented and empowered friends in her life – from those working tireless for the ONE Campaign to those making a unique business for themselves.

Ashley leads the conversation on defining hotness itself. Unsurprisingly, the conversation nets out a handful of attributes that outlines Hottness far beyond the physical.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of chatter about potential hotties Kit Harrington (and Little Finger and The Hound), Zac Efron, Bo and Luke, John Slattery and Daniel Day Lewis to go around.

Thanks for listening to season one, Hott Minute will be back before you know it.

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