The Annual Cookie Crawl with Alex Caress

A delightful theme song from Ellen Angelico kicks off a holiday episode with special guest Alex Caress, aka Little Bandit. The trio crushes on The Great British Baking Show, Wisdom, the World’s Oldest Albatross and Nigel Tufnel before taking a discerning look at your favorite holiday movies.

Home for the Holidays, the most excellent Muppet Family Christmas, Love Actually and all kinds of Hallmark movies get the Hott Minute treatment before a dive into the Bag of Hotties yields Reba McEntire, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ana Paquin.

To view the full episode notes, visit the Hott Minute site.

Theme song by Ellen Angelico

Haven’t Changed Much
Available Now

Artwork by Elizabeth Williams
BG Music by Upright T-Rex Music

Hott Minute
Hott Minute
Hott Minute / We Own This Town

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