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First Annual 2020 Tall Brawl Bracket: Big Boy Melee

Introducing the First Annual Tall Brawl Bracket: 2020 Big Boy Melee! In the grand tradition of absurd Hott Minute undertakings, Ashley and Jamie have hand selected sixty-four hotties all over 6’3″ tall to go head-to-head in an all out brawl. Divided into the sensible divisions of Stringbeans, Beefcakes, Lumberjacks and “Other”, these literal giants will […]

Trash Hotties: Thrilled But Not Proud

An episode filled with absolute trash. No attraction shaming here but these hotties give even our hosts pause. From the King Tut Pubic Mound of Facial Hair on Dave Navarro to the Turgid Penis Neck of Beto O’Rourke to Julian Assange in the Family Restroom of a Doubletree, they really cover it all.

Bag of Hotties Deep Dive: Libel is the Goal

Joseph Mazello, Sam Neil, the Blair Witch Witch, Barbarella, Sam Malone, Drag Queen Tucks, O-T Fagbenle, Agent Dana Scully, Angela Bassett, Kim Fields, Raul Julia, Oscar Isaac, Dr. Frankenstein, Harry Treadaway, Starbuck, Liz Lemon, Tina Fey, Xenomorph, John Laroquette and Barbara Streisand.

When Animals Attack with Tracy Walnut

Ashley and Jamie make good on a pre-Season 2 promise to themselves, an episode all about When Animals Attack. Fabio, Phil Bronstein, Komodo Dragons, Nude Bears, Caiman reptiles and multiple instances of Asp attacks are discussed.

Based on a Book Kurt Cobain Read

All Killer, No Filler with Ashley and Jamie as they concentrate on who’s hot and why. From Ben Whishaw to rapper bbymutha to vintage TV performances to a deep dive into hot journalists, they got it all covered.

Gen Z: They Should All Carry Knives

In this episode, Ashley and Jamie take on the entirety of Gen Z by providing lively insights on everything from the awe-inspiring Emma Gonzalez & David Hogg, to the downright disgusting Post Malone, to the good hearted, pretty stupid, very confident Jaden Smith.

Episode 1: We Are Your New Best Friends

Jamie and Ashley introduce the audience to their latest flash-in-the-pan crushes, dissect the hotness of today’s most-relevant stars and pull names from a goddamn paper bag and instinctively talk about the hotness of the names of the people, places and/or things in that bag. Notable Hotties Include: Rami Malek, Janine Turner, Rob Morrow, Meghan Markle, Oscar Isaac, Wendy Malick, Mark Hamill, Maggie Gyllenhaal and many more.