Bag of Hotties Deep Dive: Libel is the Goal

As the end of Season Two draws near, Ashley and Jamie spend some quality time with the massive amount of contributions to the Bag of Hotties, picking names out randomly and sharing their delightfully insightful off-the-cuff remarks on everyone it yields. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a name; keep them coming!

Start streaming for takes on Joseph Mazello, Sam Neil, the Blair Witch Witch, Barbarella, Sam Malone, Drag Queen Tucks, O-T Fagbenle, Agent Dana Scully, Angela Bassett, Kim Fields, Raul Julia, Oscar Isaac, Dr. Frankenstein, Harry Treadaway, Starbuck, Liz Lemon, Tina Fey, Xenomorph, John Laroquette and Barbara Streisand.

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