All Around the Zodiac Wheel with Madame Rose

Ashley and Jamie consult with their Astrologer Madame Rose to traverse the Zodiac Wheel in search of the best hotties. During their consultation they cover everything from the sexiest Aquarius (Burt Reynolds) to the trashiest Gemini (too many to list) to the dreamiest Capricorn (Jim Carrey, MTV VMA’s 1999).

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In summation:
Aquarius: Put a Pinkie in a boo-Boo
Pisces: Lovely, Dreamy Spineless
Aries: There’s Power in Here

Taurus: Stubborn & Lazy
Gemini: Trash
Cancer: Barbara Bush Daddy Issues

Leo: Please Validate Me, Most Fuckable Sign
Virgo: Get. Shit. Done.
Libra: The Catty Man of the Zodiac (Trash But Good God You’re Pretty)

Scorpio: Eat a Pizza Off Me, John Candy
Sagitarrius: I’m purple, I love Pizza and Art
Capricorn: The Old Man

Artwork by Elizabeth Williams
BG Music by Upright T-Rex Music

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