The Show Stopped But The Crushin’ Didn’t

Hott Minute returns from hiatus with a long list of Summer Crushes consisting of both perennial favorites and new surprises. After discussing the likes of the dramatic Mesut Ozil, the beautiful Timothy Olyphant and consistently pleasing Billy Eichner, Ashley and Jamie take a deep look at the tried and true television sitcom format. If you’ve ever wondered how Seinfeld and Friends holds up against Mama’s Family and Empty Nest, you’re in for some treats.

Extra special attention is given to Schitt’s Creek and the always wonderful Catherine O’Hara. While John Laroqueete and David Leisure may get a surprising nod, nothing tops the works of O’Hara. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

Never one to disappoint, there’s also an insightful SUITS update and a finely tuned Bag of Hotties that yields discussions around Tony Danza, Sara Gilbert, Michael Gross, Lucille Ball, Agnes Moorehead and Alexander Skasgard’s best friend, Jack McBrayer.

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