twen – “Automation” (Official Video)

What do Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elizabeth Holmes and Bill Gates have in common? For one, they’re all part of an unfathomably rich segment of society that had a hand in creating technologies that we can’t live without but also might be making our lives worse. Okay, Holmes didn’t quite accomplish that goal but she sure tried! More importantly, each of these figures is depicted in the new Twen video for “Automation” – a delightful romp of a video that makes many callbacks to some of these “visionaries” notable actions. Steve Jobs presenting the iPod? Check. Bill Gates mugshot from Albuquerque? Check. Elizabeth Holmes thousand yard stare on the witness stand? Yup. Jeff Bezos losing his mind with champagne? You betcha.

In our track-by-track breakdown of One Stop Shop the band explained that “Automation” is meant to be a little “cartoony” and this official video certainly pairs extremely well with that notion.