Heaven Honey – “Kicks”

Heaven Honey, aka Jordan Victoria, has proven time and again that she has a penchant for finding the perfect mix of social commentary, infectious melodies and dark sultry delivery. With her latest single, “Kicks,” she delivers that mixture in an undeniably concrete package.

Premiering over at The Scene, there’s no shortage of insight into the background of the song and the video itself; all of which you should consume in full. It’s a song penned during COVID that tackles the mind-numbing activities we partake in just to “get our kicks somehow.” It’s a message that veers headlong into nihilism but since the track itself is an immersive and memorable one, it doesn’t seem to matter. Maybe “Kicks” itself serves as one of those distractions.

If you haven’t taken the time to familiarize yourself with the catalog of Heaven Honey, please do so now. Every track is as compelling as this one; which is already at quite the high bar. Go see Heaven Honey live at The Blue Room on November 17th.