Blasphemous Rumors – SP Beatz

One of the joys of browsing the #Nashville hashtag on Bandcamp is the random music you’ll encounter. The only information you’re given is the album title, artist name and the release art. That’s not a whole lot to go off of when trying to decide if you’re the least bit intrigued but occasionally it’s exactly the right amount. Case in point: Blasphemous Rumors is a fantastic artist name and the cover art features a still from the wonderful 1988 horror classic Lair of the White Worm. That still provides zero context on what actual music is contained within but it’s a helluva enticement to start listening.

The release itself, SP Beatz, is unsurprisingly beat driven (it’s in the name) and quite sample heavy. Glitched out percussion and haunting piano lines keep things moving along with a not-unpleasant sense of dread underlining the entire experience. Track two, simply entitled, “2“, is the best place to start as it gives you all of the above as well as some extra mystifying bleeps and bloops to amp up the intrigue.

All told, there’s almost no additional information to know about this artist beyond what is supplied on Bandcamp. There’s no artist image, no social media links or even a hint of a real name. The enigmatic posting is not uncommon on Bandcamp but, in this case, helps to augment the enjoyment of the offering. The real moral of the story here is, if you use Lair of the White Worm as your cover art, I will listen to it.