Volume 109

Hey! Another episode of diverse Nashville music that proves the hypothesis that we’re way more than just Country Music City, USA.

It’s also an episode wherein I use the word “vibes” approximately 10,000 times and compare bands that age me as a host. C’est le vie! Fortunately, the music isn’t aged, it’s all fresh and enjoyable.

Commander Keen – “When David Bowie Passed Away”

Sundaes – “Pretty Wife”

Neon Black – “It Could Happen”

Sad Baxter – “Love Yew (615 Sessions)”

The Schwa – “Second Avenue”

alexismariethompson – “Inca Dove”

TB8S – “Wasteland Nurse”

Nicky J Cook – “Expanding”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Commander Keen

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