110: Beth Cameron of Forget Cassettes, Ponychase, Black Bra

This episode, we stray from the mixtape of new music format and sit down with Beth Cameron – best known for her work as Forget Cassettes – and discuss the hardships of being a female in the recording industry. While we certainly cover the basics of how she got into music, the recording process of her first album Instruments of Action (and its vinyl reissue) and what she’s up to now, we also dive much deeper into how Nashville culture can do better about listening, finding empathy and how being vocal is the only road to a safer, inclusive, caring city.

Discussions around sexual abuse, abuse of power and the mistreatment of women and minorities can be difficult conversations to have but an openness and transparency on these topics is crucial to making them better. We are hugely thankful to Beth for opening up on these topics and helping us make headway towards embetterment.

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