Volume 108

Volume 108

One hundred and eight episodes in to this show it’s probably a bit absurd to still to be surprised at the wealth of talent our metropolitan area continues to produce but the feeling hasn’t waned one bit. As usual, if you like anything you hear on this show, take a deeper dive into the works linked below. Bands like Nordista Freeze are new to the show but have a deep well of releases to hear. Enjoy!

Tayls – “Fuck Yer Band XOX”

Twen – “Damsel”

Fever Blush – “Forget”

Maddie Medley – “Coming of Age” (NPR interview)

Nordista Freeze- “Florida”

le skunk – “Nothing to lose”

Aaron Lee Tasjan- “Little Movies”

Billy Bennett – “Patchwork Man”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Fever Blush by Lance Conzett.

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