156: Smooth Jam meets Grumbling Cacophony

Another installment of phenomenal local music. I’ve been playing around with the tagline “Local Music Is Good For You.” What do you think? Too corny? Possibly! It sounds silly but it’s a statement I believe in. We build community by supporting a local music scene and it really exposes you to a lot of different styles and perspectives, which is certainly a good thing.

This week, except to hear music from a spaced-out concept record courtesy of Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears, some melancholic rock from Future Crib, a dash of collaboration from Thad Kopec & Cale Tyson, Beach Boys tinged pop from Nordista Freeze, smooth jams with grumbling cacophony from Louis Prince, 50’s doo-wop meets modern reverb from Baby Brains, fun 70’s style jams from The Weird Sisters and “Jodorowsky and Morricone meeting up in rural Tennessee” courtesy of Holy Mountain Top Removers.

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Sean Thompson – “Raspberry Pie”

Future Crib – “Friends”

Thad Kopec And Cale Tyson – “Fade Me Away”

Nordista Freeze – “Wysteria”

Louis Prince – “Half Acres”

Baby Brains – “Dream Demon”

The Weird Sisters – “I’m With You”

Holy Mountain Top Removers – “Diatribe Convoy”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Louis Prince.

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