340: An Incredible Tale from the Road with Ziona Riley

As you can tell from the title of this episode, we’ve got a special one! I am joined this episode by Ziona Riley; a musician that has captured my attention for some years now. I don’t recall how I heard it originally but the track “Bury This Heirloom” (off of her 2019 release, Not Too Precious) came into my life and it’s just an absolutely devastating piece of work. I mean that in a great way. Riley’s voice is unique and powerful, even when her music is sparse and delicate. And if that weren’t alluring enough, she’s also the bass player for the band Heinous Orca; a rawkous undertaking that feels like it lives on the opposite end of the spectrum from her personal work.

It’s that diversity that really drew me in. So, I invited her to put together a playlist of local artists that she enjoys and we just have a chat. She shares some great stories from her time touring, how she found her people in Nashville and and does a great job shouting out a load of artists in town you might not know. I’m biased but it’s really a delightful time.

And on top of ALL OF THAT, she also shared 2 brand new recordings that have yet to be heard by anyone! So, we get to have a fantastic chat with a local artist, get their insight on other local musicians AND play some new exclusive music from them.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Ziona Riley
“Ten New Pens”

Nick Woods
“The River That I Knew”

HR Lexy
“All In Line”

Ziona Riley
“Texas Bodhisattva”

The Chewers
“Don’t Dance”

Crave On
“From a Star”

Ziona Riley
“Coming of Age in the Midwest”

Josephine Foster
“Guardian Angel”

Lou Turner
“I’ve Got the O’s”

The Cherry Blossoms
“Golden Windows”

Ritzy D
“Lovin’ is a Full Time Job”

Jim Hoke
“Wake Up The Whole World”

Dolly Parton
“Jolene (New String Version from the Dumplin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” Arranged by Austin Hoke

Heinous Orca
“Wishing Well”