339: Collectively Crossed Fingers

If you’re a regular listener of the show you might be wondering – where the heck have we been?! It’s been over a month since our last episode and, frankly, that’s pretty unusual for this show. The reason for the absensce is pretty simple – my day job is working in tech and like a lot of the industry, the company I work for had a large number of layoffs earlier in the year. While my job specifically was not impacted, the people I work with were impacted and it’s caused a downstream effect on my availability. In other words, a bunch of folks I work with got fired and the amount of free time I have has dwindled to nothing. It’s not an EXCITING story to tell but it’s the truth.

But let’s not get mired down in the past. It’s unfortunate I haven’t been able to post a new episode in some time but we’re here now. Let’s hear some new music! This episode of the show is 15 tracks and really gets us back into the swing of things.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

“Gold Hatted Cowboy”

“2:00 AM”

“The Magician feat. Lauryn Peacock”

Kristen Ford
“Bill Lee (if you see me walking down the street you better cross it)”

Dialup Ghost
“Transphobes and Fascists Hate Our Guts (So What?!)”

Anna Orchid
“strawberry pocky (ft Marble Girl)”

Corduroy Clemens

The Dozier HimSelf
“Cashville Etc”

Brian Brown
“TMD OTW (Freestyle)”

Bully and Soccer Mommy
“Lose You (feat Soccer Mommy)”

mt vice
“do you wanna”

Dan Burns

Janell Rosa

Scott W. Brooks