278: Indulgences While You Indulge

This week on the show we’re sharing a handful of releases that we’d be remiss to NOT share before the holiday break. Hopefully you get some time off during Thanksgiving and during that time you get to spend some time with some podcasts. Tune in for some great entertainment to indulge in while you indulge…

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Daisha McBride

Mike Floss
“Wipe Me Down”

Da Real A1yo
“God Got Me”

Palm Ghosts

Trevor Nikrant
“We Need You For Our Plan”

Cookie Jar
“Six Of One Half Dozen Of Another”

Vera Bloom

Hans Condor
“All Messed Up on Death Metal and Shit”

Tom Violence

*repeat repeat
“Song for a Nice Drive”

“Walk Alone”

Connor Kelly and The Time Warp
“Distant Forest”

Cody Cody Cody
“Devil Be Up”

“Check It”

Cosmic Collective

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