277: Morphing and Maturing

Another playlist of local releases that will – without a doubt – impress you. So many artists from Nashville and surrounding areas that are morphing and maturing into new and greater forms. Lovely stuff.

Also, a note to help save The Groove Records. Hit up @thegrooverecords on Instagram to find out how you can support them in their time of need.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Mike Floss
“Never Ran”

The Smokeshows
“I Know”

Aaron Sprinkle

Trevor Nikrant
“Panic at The Cafe”

Crave On
“Day of the Dead”


Cody Cody Cody
“And the Rest Was History”

Georgie Zaven
“Talk To Me Nice”

Safari Room
“Small Victories”

Kenneth Fleischman

Mighty Joe Nolan
“The Death of James Dean”

“Back Porch”

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