279: Let’s Save The Groove

Support the GoFundMe campaign to save The Groove Records in East Nashville.

Today on the show we’ve got a really special interview for you – Jesse Cartwright and Michael Combs of The Groove Records; the wonderful vinyl record shop over on Calvin Ave on in East Nashville. If you’re a regular listener, you’ve heard me talk about this a number of times now but they’re in a particularly troublesome situation in which the building they operate out of may go up for sale if they are unable to purchase it. This is the same story we’ve heard with the Exit/In and the hotel investors that bought their property, Fran’s Eastside just recently underwent the same ordeal and the Mercy Lounge complex is also meeting the same fate. Change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of what makes the city great.

Jesse and Michael talk to me about the situation they are, how people can help and how they got into operating The Groove in the first place.

These two are thoughtful business owners that are putting community first and understand the need for a safe, friendly, welcoming place for finding whatever music moves you. The Groove is a helluva establishment and I hope we can all come together to help keep a unique piece of Nashville.

Follow The Groove on Instagram @thegrooverecords to keep up with all the fundraising efforts, ticket giveaways and music promotions.

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