275: A Delightfully Pummeling Synth Dirge

We’d like to say that we’re doing something extra special for episode 275 but there’s been such a wonderful backlog of submissions and new releases, this one is special simply for the fact that Nashville continues to unleash a ton of great music. Way too much for one show. We said last week that Nashville local music was like a firehose and we stand by that. Here’s another drink from that fountain.

Be sure to click through on the links below and be sure to follow Safety Net, Notelle, ENZI, D.O.U.G.H., Virghost, $hrames & Demo & Jordan XX & Jody Joe, Kaitlyn Raitz, make yourself at home, Great Grand Sun, Ergo, Bria, Palm Ghosts, Tape Deck Mountain, DTL JAMS, Stuffed Spider and vast ness for plenty more updates!

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.


“High Turnover Rate”

“Sickly Sweet”

“Break It Down”


Kaitlyn Raitz
“Spinning Wheel”

make yourself at home
“My Body Will Remain”

Great Grand Sun
“Little Left to Burn”

Ergo, Bria
“Please Gaslight Me”

Palm Ghosts
“The Painful Truth”

“The Grunge”

Stuffed Spider
“Monster Makeup”

vast ness

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