274: Drinking from the Nashville Firehose

Many thanks to everyone that tuned in last week to our Halloween spectacular. Huge thanks to “Michael Bleeds” for putting that together. This week we’re bringing the show back around to our fundamentals; a wide variety of local music for your enjoyment. The upside to ostensibly skipping a week between new release episodes is that we’ve got a huge pool to pull from. I’ve got 15 tracks lined up for you but quite an extensive backlog for the next episodes as well. Nashville music is a firehose and I’m happy to drink from it.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Jasmin Kaset
“Have You Met Me Yet?”

Jackson + Sellers
“Waste Your Time”


Mike Floss

Chuck Indigo

Quez Cantrell
“2am Cravings”

Rig B

Vera Bloom
“Say Goodbye”

Cheyenne Medders
“Sapphired Up”


B. Stokes
“Weighing On Me”

Yours Truly Jai

“Tomorrow’s Where That Future Wasnt”

Thomas Luminoso
“Never Count the Days”

“New Job”

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